Hip Roof with 3 dormers

Residential Roofing in Indianapolis

Hip Roof with 3 dormers
Residential Roofing in Indianapolis

Moss Roofing is one of the top residential roofing companies in the Indianapolis area and has been for over 31 years. From roof repairs to full roof replacements, Moss Roofing will give you an honest assessment of what is needed to fix your problem. We will provide you with the professional and high-quality service and workmanship you should expect from your contractor.


As a Master Elite Company with GAF, with Moss Roofing, you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality of shingles and one of the best manufacturer’s warranties on the market. In addition, we use an upgraded synthetic felt layer for your roof replacement at no additional cost to you. For an added layer of protection, we apply an ice and water shield to help defend your roof through the winter from ice damming issues that might occur.


When you call us for a problem with your roof, we will inspect the entire system to make sure it is all working properly together. From a leak to missing shingles, we know what to look for and will provide you with the best options for your roof. We believe in treating roof repairs early to keep bigger issues from occurring down the road. At Moss Roofing, we don’t just patch the problem; we resolve the entire issue.

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Your roof is more than your shingles, and Moss Roofing understands this. Your attic ventilation is also essential in protecting your home. Inadequate attic ventilation will decrease the longevity of your roof. It could potentially cause serious moisture issues throughout your home. In addition to causing roof and potential home issues, inadequate attic ventilation can actually void your manufacturer’s warranty on a new roof. Moss Roofing will determine the proper ventilation for your home and recommend improving it if needed.

For more information on the importance of proper attic ventilation, watch this short video.

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