Commercial Roofing in Indianapolis

Commercial Roofing in Indianapolis

Business owners need to pay as much attention to their roofs as homeowners do, and at Moss Roofing, we are here to help! The roof of your business covers not only your building and the employees inside but also your business assets. A problem with your commercial roof could mean closing your business for days until it is repaired, costing your business valuable time and revenue.

At Moss Roofing, we will inspect your commercial roof for any problematic areas and provide repair suggestions as well as maintenance plans to keep everything running smoothly.


Yearly inspections and maintenance are important to your commercial roofing systems to make sure that your roof is withstanding nature’s elements. Moss Roofing can provide annual roof maintenance contracts. We will come out to your property and inspect your roofing system for leaks, deterioration, and other issues that could lead to a premature need for roof replacement. We will work to fix any small repairs while on site and will work with you to repair and replace any substantial roofing issues we find. Businesses with roof maintenance contracts find that the viable life of their roofing system is lengthened, and yearly energy costs do not increase. Roof maintenance contracts with Moss Roofing are a great investment for your business.


The type of roof you have determines the type of services you need when it comes to commercial roofing. From shingle and metal to flat and low-slope roofing systems, Moss Roofing has the knowledge and experience to repair and replace any commercial roofing system.


Businesses with shingle roofs will need to focus extra attention on the roof as it has a larger surface area and will have heavy equipment placed on top. If you have a roof leak, our team will inspect your roof to find its origin and ensure that it can be repaired effectively. When it is time for a full shingle roof replacement, our team will work to find the roofing system that is best for your business.


Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular in commercial and industrial settings for their easy maintenance. However, these metal roofs will need to be repaired and replaced over time. Metal roofs tend to have leaks when their joints are not properly sealed. Our team will inspect your roof yearly to ensure that everything is in working order. If we find a problem, we will provide you with suggestions to best repair your roof.


Many businesses have flat roofs, which are easy to care for and offer many energy-effective benefits for your property. EPDM rubber is both durable and economical for flat roofing systems. It requires a contractor who has experience working with this particular type of membrane. Moss Roofing’s employees have been specially trained in flat roofing repairs and replacements and will make sure that everything is working properly.

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