When Shingles Blow Off Your Roof, Can You Just Replace Them? (R)

When Shingles Blow Off Your Roof, Can You Just Replace Them?

The roof is one of the integral parts of the house. It serves both aesthetic and practical values. There are many types of roofing, each suited for a different environment and set of circumstances. In Indianapolis, most homeowners opt for shingle roofing. Shingles are an affordable and long-lasting solution for most residential cases. However, shingles may blow off you roof during a storm or strong winds. 

When should you repair your missing shingles, and when should you call a roofing expert? More importantly, how urgent is it for the shingles to be fixed? Read in to learn more about shingle repair services in Indianapolis, In.

Should You Repair Damaged Shingles Yourself?

After strong winds or storms, you may notice some of your shingles are damaged or missing entirely. While you may be tempted to investigate the extent of the damage, it’s essential to exercise caution and engage roofing professionals in Indianapolis.

Some of the damaged and loose shingles may still be on the roof. If you try to investigate further, you might slide or fall off the roof. Because of this, your very first call should be to roofing experts like Moss Roofing.

Effects of Delaying Repair if Shingles Blow Off Your Roof

Depending on the damage extent, some homeowners may wait to see if there’s apparent danger. This delay, however, is dangerous and can lead to numerous complications. Some of the ways a damaged shingle roof can affect you include the following;

Weather Damage

If some shingles have been blown off, water, heat, and sunlight can penetrate through to the roof decking. This will likely lead to further damage from the elements and extreme weather.

Surging Cooling and Heating Bills

Open areas on your roof often mean external air can enter the house. Internal, regulated air can also be lost. This will undoubtedly increase your energy consumption costs.

Why Are Your Shingles Missing?

Countless factors may contribute to missing and damaged shingles on your roof. Some of the most common causes of missing shingles include;

  • Wear and tear
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Poor installation or maintenance practices
  • Using substandard roofing material

Professional Roofing Services in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is not foreign to extreme weather conditions. These conditions can damage your roof and leave you with all sorts of problems and worries.

Fortunately, you can reach out to Moss Roofing for the best and most reliable roofing services. You’re assured of a quick response and turnaround time. Everyone on our team is expertly trained to handle all types of roof damage. Contact Moss Roofing today and enjoy professional installation, maintenance, and repair services for your shingles.

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