What Terrible Things Cause My Roof To Leak?

What Terrible Things Cause My Roof To Leak?

Small children may be scared by what is under the bed, but Indianapolis homeowners are fearful of the terrible things going on under their roofs. Roof leaks can cause major damage to home, belongings, and even family members’ health. 

Broken Shingles and Flashing

Broken parts are the most frequent cause of a leaky roof. Shingles are not meant to be waterproof; rather they are water-resistant and work as a system to allow water to roll off your roof. A broken shingle exposes the vulnerable layers beneath.

  • Sealing strip and asphalt coating
  • Underlayment
  • Sheathing

Major storms, high winds, or blunt impact can break or dislodge a shingle. The same is true of metal flashing, which can be cracked or damaged through aging or from weather-related abuse. 

Ice Dams

Here in the Indianapolis area, we feel the full force of winter winds, snowstorms, and ice. Especially ice, which can form ridges on the edges of a roof and prevent melting snow behind the ice from draining into gutters. 

Ice dams cause two major problems, both of which can lead to roof leaks:

  1. Weight from trapped ice can damage the roof, including the rafters and roof deck; the sag and spread of normally snug parts allows water into your home
  2. Trapped water sitting on the roof can find its way into your attic and below


Your gutters eagerly await melted water from snow and ice. They sometimes become clogged, leading to all sorts of potential leaks:

  • Leaking behind gutters and against the fascia, rotting this horizontal strip of molding
  • Leaking under the starter course of shingles
  • Leaking behind the fascia, directly into the interior of your walls

Leaf-clogged gutters also attract insects and other pests due to standing water.

Deferred Maintenance

An ignored roof rapidly ages, its components break down, and leaks multiply. Often without anyone noticing, one minor leak can grow into widespread damage. Regular roof inspections can prevent damage from developing leaks. 

Whatever ails your roof, your local, reliable roofer is ready to help. Roof leaks can be expensive, emotionally wrenching emergencies. Why risk roof leaks when one call to your roofer can save your home? Moss Roofing can detect and resolve the causes of your roof leak. Contact us today so we can deliver to you the same excellent service other Indianapolis clients have come to expect. We have more than 25 years of experience repairing leaky roofs.

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