What Exactly Does A Complete Roof Replacement Include?

What Exactly Does A Complete Roof Replacement Include?

When your roof is old or has severe damage, your roofer might determine it’s time for a replacement. What is a complete roof replacement? The following information can help you understand what is included and what to expect during the replacement process.


Having your roof replaced includes getting new decking, which is the surface shingles are nailed to. Decks can deteriorate over time or develop wood rot and other damage. Roofers will remove your current deck and install a new one.


The shingles on your roof protect you from rain, wind, and other weather. You might need them replaced if they’re damaged or worn. When your new deck is installed, roofers will attach your new shingles to keep your home protected.


The underlayment on your roof acts as a moisture barrier, which helps prevent water damage in your home. During a complete roof replacement, roofers will remove your current underlayment and replace it with a new one to ensure maximum protection from moisture or water damage.


Roof vents help ensure you have good airflow in your attic. When you have your roof replaced, having new vents installed as part of the process means you’ll continue to have proper airflow in your attic.


Roof frames can end up in poor condition over the years, which can affect your roof’s performance. During a roof replacement, you can have your current framing removed and replaced with brand new framing.

Ice and Water Shield

Ice and water shields give you added protection in roof areas where more water flow or ice damming occurs. This helps reduce your risk of having water damage. A complete roof replacement includes having a new ice and water shield installed.


The gutters on your home prevent water from getting into your roof and interior when it rains. If your gutters aren’t in good condition, you can have them taken off and replaced when you have a roof replacement done.


A well-insulated attic helps your roof stay in good shape while also keeping the inside of your home comfortable. When your roof is replaced, you can have insulated replaced or added as needed.

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