What Are Ridge Cap Shingles?

There’s no question about the importance of properly installed, top-grade roof shingles. However, you may not be able to maximize the life span of your roofing system if you leave the ridge exposed or if you use the wrong product for this particular area.

In this article, top roofing company Moss Roofing discusses the importance of ridge cap shingles. We also look into the difference between ridge cap shingles and regular roof shingles in terms of their performance and design.

Importance of Ridge Cap Shingles

Since the ridge is where two sides of a roof meet, this area may have weak spots that are highly prone to leaks or damage. Thanks to ridge cap shingles, you can protect this part of your roofing system and reduce the possibility of leaks.

Ridge cap shingles add aesthetic value as well. Often regarded as a finishing touch, they can add dimension and depth to your roof. They can also accentuate your roof’s appearance.

GAF offers a range of ridge cap shingles to suit varying styles and designs. They come in Standard and Premium options. For the Standard ridge cap shingles, Z®Ridge (appears like thick wood shakes), Seal-A-Ridge® ArmorShield™ (SBS-modified), and Seal-A-Ridge® are available. For the Premium ridge cap shingles, Timbertex®, Ridglass® and TimberCrest™ are available.

Ridge Cap Shingles Vs. Regular Shingles

It’s not uncommon to see regular roof shingles used as capping on the ridges of residential roofing systems. Some homeowners and some roofers opt to cut regular shingles and use them as ridge caps. This practice, however, has its drawbacks.

Since regular shingles are usually thinner, they are likely to crack or tear when you fold them over the ridge. This doesn’t happen with ridge cap shingles because ridge cap shingles are already pre-bent and thicker. Their form is specifically made to fit ridges, which enables them to shed water and debris more effectively.

Ridge cap shingles typically have better adhesion too. Made with extra adhesion at the end of every shingle, ridge caps are able to stay put on the shingles below them preventing blow-offs. The nailing area of ridge cap shingles are also thicker, so they don’t easily tear near the nail holes.

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