Vinyl Siding: 7 Myths and Misconceptions

Like certin roofing materials, vinyl siding has its own myths that have grown over the years. As always, these myths can turn away any buyer or homeowner who is considering installing one over their exterior. Still, vinyl is actually one of the best options you can get for your siding replacement.

Moss Roofing discusses seven of these misconceptions and the truth behind each one:

  1. Weaker Compared to Others – While vinyl isn’t the most durable of siding options, manufacturers have made vast improvements in treating vinyl and have been able to make it much more wind-resistant compared to other materials. Vinyl siding can withstand winds up to 110 mph and even if it does get ripped off, it is easy to re-install. When properly maintained, vinyl can last a long time.

  1. Expensive – Despite its superior quality, the installation and material costs of vinyl siding are cheaper than other siding types. It doesn’t even need upgrading or coloring. If you’re in need of a contractor to install your siding, you can always hire roof repair and siding pros from Moss Roofing to get the job done for you in a professional manner.

  1. Not Eco-Friendly – While it may sound true, vinyl siding is actually one of the greenest siding options you can choose when you consider the manufacturing process. Vinyl siding also has the best insulation options among its contemporaries, allowing you to save on your energy costs.

  1. Not Recyclable – Contrary to the myth, vinyl siding can actually be repurposed for other things such as food wraps, bottles and even new siding from old ones. This is what allows vinyl siding to be one of the more environmentally friendly siding materials on the market.

  1. Bland – When it comes to vinyl siding, your options are actually diverse. Apart from the flat clapboard, you can choose vinyl shakes, scallops and various other styles. You can even pick a wood-like texture that allows you to attain that traditional design without the weaknesses of wood.

  1. Vinyl Siding Creates Dioxin – Dioxin is a toxic gas created when certain items are burned. While the manufacturing process used in creating this type of siding does create dioxin, the amount put by vinyl siding into the atmosphere every year is less than half of 1% of the total amount. Majority of the dioxin released into the atmosphere comes from natural places such as forests, fires, volcanoes and firewood in fireplaces.

To get started on your siding repair project this spring, turn to Moss Roofing for your siding improvement needs. We are your leading provider of roofing and insulation services. Give us a call at (317) 207-4778 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve homeowners in Indianapolis, Fishers, and other nearby areas in the state of Indiana.

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