Superb Suggestions When Shopping for Shingles

When something goes wrong with your residential roofing, things can snowball into bigger problems pretty quickly, which is why it’s important to keep up with all your roofing maintenance and repair needs as soon as they pop up.

One of the toughest decisions you’ll make when repairing asphalt shingles is choosing a color. This isn’t purely an aesthetic choice as color can have an impact on your roof’s performance as well. Let our pro roofers at Moss Roofing provide you with a few pointers to help make this decision a little bit easier.

The Roofing File

Once the roofing company clears out and your roof replacement has been completed, it’s easy to forget about your roof until it shows the first signs of a problem. Keep a file on your roof, containing all the important documents you’ll need for future use. This should have warranty and insurance information, routine maintenance schedules, color codes and brands used, as well as all photographs of the new roof (for insurance purposes). Should you need to replace a few damaged shingles, it’s easier to consult your file for the specific color instead of going with your best guess.

The Importance of Color

While roof colors can be a large factor for your home’s curb appeal, their use extends farther than simply making your home look good. Light-colored roofs, for example, reflect large amounts of sunlight and are best in areas prone to solar heat gain. On the other hand, homes with a focus on heating might find dark-colored roofs to be better at gaining and retaining heat.

You Need Professional Help

There’s nothing like having a reliable roofer to call on in times of roofing trouble. Ask your local roofing company about maintenance programs and routine inspections to always keep your roof in good shape no matter the season.

Turn to Moss Roofing for all your roofing needs. Call us today at (317) 784-3227 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve Noblesville and Indianapolis, IN.

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