How Can You See What Siding Looks Best On Your Home?

How Can You See What Siding Looks Best On Your Home?

We doubt most folks would want to stick their heads in a Sensorama. Appearing in 1957, Sensorama, in all its clunky glory, was the earliest virtual reality device. It used lights, sounds, fans, and even smells to surround the viewer and fool the senses. We’ve come a long way since then, and now your friendly siding contractor can use virtual reality to bring your own home’s new siding to … well, your home. 

Visualize Siding Virtually

At the touch of a keypad and click of a mouse, a sales representative from your local neighborhood siding contractor can help you see what your Indianapolis-area home will look like garbed in new siding. Using pictures of your home, our program digitally layers on beautiful new siding options quickly and easily. 

Exterior design services are just as important to a home as interior design. What does your home say about you? How does it compare to neighbors’ houses, and how does it offer curb appeal? The right siding makes an enormous difference in preserving and boosting home value. 

Saving You Money and Heartache

Remember those home makeover shows? Remember all the disappointed clients? Imagine you invest time and money on siding, and it turns out to be the wrong color, wrong style, or wrong texture. That’s an expensive problem and a lot of heartache. 

Using Moss Roofing’s innovative virtual reality siding visualizer, you can see any color, style, and texture of siding on your home long before a contracting crew arrives, hammers in hand. 

Perhaps Baby Blue fiber cement siding is not, after all, the “perfect look.” Maybe you are torn between economical vinyl siding and long-lasting fiber cement siding; compare both looks virtually, without spending a dime. 


Using a visualization tool like Moss Roofing’s exterior design services is not only money-saving and reassuring emotionally, it increases your contractor’s efficiency. 

Suppose you decided Mint Green siding was a mistake; you meant Forest Green. Change orders will get you the final look you want, but they are costly, add delays, and may require schedule juggling by your contractor. The virtual reality visualizer efficiently avoids all those delays and disappointments. Please contact us today at Moss Roofing. We can connect you with a helpful representative who can show you what your new siding will look like on your Indianapolis-area home. We can switch out colors, textures, and styles, all with a mouse click!

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