5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Pressure Wash Your Shingle Roof

6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Pressure Wash Your Shingle Roof

The gleam in the eye of an Indianapolis-area homeowner with a pressure washer is predictable and a bit terrifying. Suddenly everything needs cleaning at 2,000 pounds per square inch (psi) of water pressure. Give the deck and patio a blast. Sure, wash the walkway. But can you pressure wash a shingle roof? No, for six good reasons!

Reason 1: Roof Out of Range

Too bad your roof does not work the same as your home wifi. It might save many homeowners from dangerous slips and falls. Consider your roof out of range. Not only is your pressure washer unlikely to reach, you have no business up there! 

Residential roofs are “steep slope” roofs, meaning they pitch (angle) too much for regular walking. Roofing crews (for roof repairs or full roof replacement) use fall arrest gear, specific work methods, and constant cross-communication to keep everyone safe.

Add a little water to an already-slippery shingle roof and you are asking for high medical bills, at the least. 

So, please, this first reason is the most important: keep your pressure washer and yourself off your roof!

Reasons 2 Through 6

Five more reasons to avoid using a pressure washer on shingles may not be as life-threatening as a fall from a two-story home, but they are still legitimate concerns:

  1. You will void the roof materials manufacturer’s warranty
  2. Pressure washing damages your Indianapolis home’s roof underlayment, which will lead to roof leaks
  3. The high pressure loosens and uplifts waterproofing flashings, allowing water to leak in
  4. The thin water jet etches your roof surface and blasts away granules
  5. Your high-pressure wash will alter your roof’s color

Well, Then, What?

We understand; we have left you high and dry. No pressure washer to play with, no roof to walk on. What to do? Have a chat with your local, residential roofer. Consider your options:

  • Arrange for annual inspection, and request that during inspection, your roofer’s highly trained technicians clean your roof
  • Keep an eye on your roof from the safety of your yard, and call your roofer if you see algae stains, mold, moss, or other concerns
  • Ask your roofer for a recommendation on a “soft brush” cleaning company for help before or after the annual inspection

Moss Roofing in Indianapolis, Indiana can provide you with practical solutions to all your residential roofing, insulation, and gutter challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of exterior home services.

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