Does Your Roof Need To Be Replaced After Hail Damage?

Does Your Roof Need To Be Replaced After Hail Damage?

The question of whether to replace your roof after hail damage will depend on a variety of factors. In many cases, the damage caused to your roof may not be immediate, and you may not notice hail damage from the ground level.

Hail damage should be addressed promptly to prevent extensive damage to your roof, including rotting underlayment and decking, mold damage, and other water damage. So, if you suspect your roof has suffered hail damage in the recent past, it’s best to schedule a professional inspection as soon as possible.

What to Look For When Inspecting Roof Hail Damage

The first thing to do when you suspect hail damage is to have a professional roofer assess the damages. Some asphalt roof hail damages aren’t visible from the ground level. This is why hail damages to asphalt shingles can sit unnoticed and worsen over time, allowing moisture to seep into the decking, underlayment, and even your attic. 

Over time, the excess moisture can cause structural deterioration, resulting in costly issues which may call for a full roof replacement. Here are some common signs of hail damage your roofer will be looking for to determine if it’s necessary to have a roof replacement:

  • Dents or bare spots in the shingles
  • Cracking or bruising shingles
  • Loose granules in your gutters and downspouts
  • Soft spots in the shingles
  • Dings or dents in metal roof vents, flashing, and metal valleys 
  • Random damage with no discernible pattern
  • Loss of granules, leading to exposed roof felt
  • Asphalt and/or mat appearing shiny
  • Hail spots which feel like a bruise on an apple

Schedule Professional Roof Inspection Today!

The rule of thumb is if you can notice any visible damage to your roof vents or skylights, flashing, or fixtures, there’s a high chance your shingles have suffered too. Always work with a reputable local roofer to help you discover hail damage which may not be visible to the naked eye.

At Moss Roofing in Indianapolis, IN, we have expert roof inspectors who are trained to discover any damage to roofing systems due to extreme weather. If you wish to take advantage of our free roof damage inspection, contact us today to set up a convenient time to meet with one of our professional roof inspectors.

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