Residential Skylights: Illuminating Homes or Casting Shadows?

Residential Skylights: Illuminating Homes or Casting Shadows? Exploring the Pros and Cons

Have you ever thought about affordable ways to improve your home’s ambiance? Perhaps replacing your old, drab windows with new ones has come to mind. Possibly, you’ve planned to repaint your interior walls to a brighter, more cheerful color. But have you considered adding skylights? Unquestionably, the most beneficial way to reimagine an unappealing indoor space or room, especially one lacking natural light or the feeling of spaciousness, is to incorporate energy-efficient residential skylights. It can transform a home and deliver numerous other immediate and long-term benefits to the homeowner.

7 Advantages Of Skylights

The latest technological advancements in skylight design utilize mirrored reflectors, sun-tracking, and ventilation, among other features, to ensure a homeowner receives a customized solution that meets their needs and preferences. Among the benefits of skylights are the following value-added attributes:

Skylights above a reading area

Skylight above a kitchen

A skylight will brighten a room or living space throughout the day. Even on an overcast day, natural outdoor lighting effectively replaces artificial light. Because of its direct angle to the sky above, a skylight is the most efficient means to capture the maximum amount of light throughout the day.

Today’s modern skylights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. By fitting a skylight to your needs, you introduce a sense of the outdoors while highlighting your home’s best architectural features. Like a mirror, a skylight can help a room or other living space, such as a hallway or stairwell, feel larger and less cramped. 

A skylight can offer fresh air to a room or living space, depending on the model selected. For example, adding a venting skylight to a bathroom can provide natural cooling to release excess moisture or humidity from this tight space, which, in turn, helps reduce the risk of mold or mildew.

Future home buyers prefer features that are both aesthetically pleasing and that fulfill a functional purpose. A skylight delivers the perfect solution. Many established real estate professionals estimate that a skylight can increase a home’s market and sale value significantly more than the cost to purchase and install one. It is worth the investment.

Depending on where you reside, a skylight, instead of a window, may be the perfect solution to preserve your solitude. Most homes are in neighborhoods. Add a skylight for maximum privacy. Keep the most intimate spaces in your home away from public view while still accessing natural light. 

Lower your heating and cooling costs and electricity bills with a new skylight. During cooler months, a skylight may offer a home solar-based warmth via natural lighting. A skylight also means less dependence on electricity to brighten less well-lit rooms or dark living spaces. A vented skylight can reduce air conditioning usage.

Today, more than ever, we live in a world filled with added pressure and anxiety. Why make your home atmosphere any more stressful than necessary? Create an environment where your home’s interior has the most natural lighting possible. Increased natural light reduces stress and helps you feel more relaxed and connected to your surroundings, including the outdoors.

4 Common Concerns Relating To Skylights

Is it possible to have a living space with too much sunlight? Potentially. Typically, there is no practical way to reduce the amount of natural light entering your home through a skylight. If that problem concerns you, a skylight could pose a challenge.

A skylight can allow heat to escape through the glass. Generally, window glass permits more heat loss from a home’s interior to the outside than other building features, such as concrete, drywall, or insulation. 

Never allow a novice or inexperienced contractor to install a skylight. The installation process requires a trained eye. A knowledgeable roofing contractor will understand how to attach an airtight, waterproof skylight that will last a lifetime.

A skylight involves cutting a hole through a roof. Adding an opening to a roof involves an inherent amount of risk. The #1 concern is the potential for moisture intrusion, especially during or following a severe weather event.

Skylight above a bathroom

Finding An Expert Skylight Installer

Adding a skylight will improve a home and offer a lifetime of comfort and relaxation for any homeowner in Indianapolis or surrounding areas. Working with a knowledgeable, experienced roofing professional ensures the homeowner receives the ideal skylight – fixed, tubular, vented, pyramid, or otherwise. Many options exist. Allow Moss Roofing to work with you to select the best fit for your home. To schedule a skylight consultation or address any roofing needs, contact us today.

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