How Regular Maintenance Can Help Reduce Roof Storm Damage

How Regular Maintenance Can Help Reduce Roof Storm Damage

We all want to save money. We all want to avoid big, unexpected bills. Can coupons save a few dollars each week at Meijer? Sure! Can storm damage be reduced, so that the next nasty Indianapolis weather takes less of a toll on your home? Yes! 

Save a Penny

Some homeowners adopt a “penny wise, dollar foolish” approach to home upkeep. They think that spending a little every year to preserve and maintain their Indianapolis-area home is somehow wasteful. Yet they also cringe when faced with the much bigger bill for a full roof replacement. 

Regular maintenance for your home’s roof works for the same reason you work out at your local gym: keeping your roof fit and fine helps it hold up under heavy use. You lift barbells to build up your biceps; your roofer cleans and repairs your roof to shrug off snow, winds, and ice. 

You may think you can save a penny by deferring maintenance on your roof, but in reality you could be speeding up the inevitable full roof replacement. For a fraction of the cost of a new roof, spend now to have your local, friendly residential roofer give your home a complete inspection. 

All Eyes

Residential roofs are classified as “steep-slope roofs” in the industry. That means they angle (pitch) enough to be dangerous surfaces. That means you, the amateur, should never walk on your roof. 

The right eyes to examine your roof each year are not yours; they are the eyes of your roofing contractor. The contractor’s representative has all that is needed to make a thorough inspection:

  • Experience
  • Training
  • Safety equipment

The keen eyes of a contractor’s representative can also spot trouble you may not recognize. For example, what does a curled, crazed, or cupped shingle mean? You are not expected to recognize that as a sign the shingle has lost almost all its vital oils, but the roofer knows. The roofer also knows shingles showing that much wear need replacing, not repairing. 

What does the roofer look for with expert eyes? One visual inspection can tell a lot:

  • Are granules from a shingle roof in the gutters?
  • Is caulking dried out, chipping away, or missing entirely?
  • Has corrosion set in on the flashing, or is the flashing loose?
  • Do metal roofs show oil-canning, elongated fastener holes, or rust?
  • Do shingles show hail damage?
  • Is moss, algae, or mold growing on the roof surface?
  • Inside the attic, are soffit vents clear and ridge vents sufficiently sized?

The list is far longer than these few items. A roofer goes through a complete inspection checklist. One area to monitor is the roof’s age. Old shingles are not as water resistant as newer shingles. Older metal and tile roofs may have reached the end of their useful life. The roofer can recommend the economical, durable choice of shingles in a plan for full roof replacement. 

Braced and Ready

The original goal of the inspection and routine maintenance was to minimize storm damage. What can a roofer do about that? We cannot yet prevent ice storms, high winds, or pelting rains. But we can get our roofs braced and ready for the next big blow. 

Your roofer will thoroughly inspect your roof, looking for signs of weakness. All those potential weak points can be remedied, often in just one visit:

  • New rubber boots and flashing around roof penetrations
  • Fresh caulking and flashing spanning unlike materials
  • Individual shingle replacement for broken or missing shingles

A thorough cleaning can remove much of the discoloration of a shingle roof. The roofer can remove organic debris, too, such as broken tree branches and leaf litter. The next big storm will have little or nothing to blow around on your roof, so scouring of the shingle surface is prevented. 

Your roofer may recommend that you trim back all overhanging branches, so the next storm cannot drop them onto your roof. 

With one inspection and maintenance visit, your roofer can have your Indianapolis-area home’s roof as sturdy, strong, and solid as possible. 


Despite all the preparation you and your roofer may take, storms still happen and damage is still possible. But with a well-maintained roof, that damage can be kept to a bare minimum. Storm damage repair work will then be less costly and less time consuming. 

Your neighbors may have to file insurance claims, worry over widespread roof damage, and get in line for extensive repairs. You, meanwhile, may be able to have your nearby roofer do a few very minor repairs for a very minor cost. To learn great ways to save on home expenses and also prolong the life of your roof, contact us today at Moss Roofing right here in Indianapolis. We provide a complete range of roofing and home services to Indianapolis-area homeowners, from full roof replacement to regular maintenance.

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