Keeping Your Roofing System Safe during the Cold Months

Winter season marks a challenging time of the year for a residential roofing system. Aside from the extremely cold temperatures, the roof of your home also has to withstand the constant weight of snow building up on its surface and strong winter winds possibly blowing away a shingle or two. Moss Roofing shares a few tips on keeping your home safe during the cold months.

Prevent Snow Buildup

General maintenance should already be done by late fall season, however, that doesn’t mean that you can forget your roof’s vulnerability to heavy snow buildup. If left unchecked, the sheer weight of the snow can cause your roof to collapse. Using a roof shovel is highly recommended, but having the snow removed by a team of professionals guarantees better work.

Have Repairs Done if Necessary

Although winter is the worst time to call for roof repairs, some problems might warrant immediate solutions. Call for emergency roofing services if you’re facing severe roofing issues in the middle of winter.  It’s much better to get help from a trusted local roofing company like Moss Roofing rather than wait until an existing roof problem escalates into something worse before the season ends.

Keep Gutters Clog-free

One of the most common causes of ice dams during a cold winter is a clogged gutter. Water runoff stuck before winter sets in and ends up turning to ice. What’s worse, the water expands as it solidifies, causing the gutters to literally burst at the seams. Have a professional gutter repair specialist check if something can be done to keep the gutter (and your roof) safe from ice dams.

Check Your Insulation

Warm air seeping into the attic can warm up the bottom layer of the roof. This can cause snow directly underneath it to melt and refreeze as solid ice. To prevent this from happening, a roofer like us can check if the attic’s insulation does not suffer from leaks or removed seams.

Keep your roof (and the rest of your home) safe from the harsh winter months. Moss Roofing is the leading roofing company in Noblesville and Indianapolis, IN. You can contact us at (317) 207-4778 or fill out this contact form to request an estimate.

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