Is There Any Truth Behind These Common Fiber Cement Myths?

Fiber cement has been a popular material in construction, particularly in siding repair and replacement, for decades. However, despite its many advantages, it’s not without its own set of myths and misconceptions. In fact, a large number of people who have not made the switch have remained wary of the material for these very reasons.

To understand the myths and learn the truth behind fiber cement, one must first consider how this material first came into use as well as its rich history of development and innovation. Let our professionals at Moss Roofing walk you through the important points in this history and show you the truth behind this durable material.

It Contains Asbestos

This myth is actually based on some truth. Until the 1970s, the fiber cement boards used in siding replacement were manufactured with asbestos. It wasn’t until years later that the dangers of this component were discovered. Since then, manufacturers have long stopped producing asbestos-laced products. Today, there is absolutely no danger of asbestos-poisoning from any fiber cement product.

It Lasts Forever

While this might sound like an attractive feature more than a disadvantage, it’s not based entirely on fact. The average fiber cement siding lasts about 100 years, far longer than traditional wood, vinyl, metal and other siding options. This often leads people to believe that it is, in fact, “eternal” (The first fiber cement products were named “Eternit”). However, with a life expectancy of over a century, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a replacement in your lifetime.

It Needs No Maintenance

It’s important to understand that low-maintenance is different from no-maintenance. Just like you have to keep up with your roof repair and maintenance, you also have to regularly keep your fiber cement siding in good condition. Although, this is a little bit of a stretch as its maintenance needs are nowhere near than that of any other siding material.

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