How to Make a Better Case for Your Roofing Insurance Claim

Storm damage repair is serious. It can get very expensive, depending on the extent of the problem. However, getting a claim approved by your insurance provider can become a very frustrating process, especially if your claim ends up getting denied for various reasons. You need a strong case to get your claim approved, so keep these following tips in mind before heading to your insurance provider.

Act Fast

The sooner you can file a claim after your roof has been damaged, the lower the chances of your insurance provider turning you down. This is because delays in reporting your roof’s damage can be considered a form of neglect, which many insurance providers do not consider as covered by many insurance plans. If you can, try to get in touch with your provider within less than a week.

Consult the Pros

One of the best ways to make a better case for your claim is to have professionals back it up. We can provide an accurate assessment of the damaged roof so you have plenty of information that will prove the validity of your insurance roof claims. Our project manager will also help you along the way if you’re not familiar with the process.

Don’t Exaggerate

One of the most common reasons insurance claims are rejected is because homeowners try to claim more than what would be considered reasonable for a roof repair project. Others do the exact opposite and claim too little, hoping to increase the chances of getting their claim approved, but going cheap on repairs would risk even more expensive fixes later on. With our accurate assessment, it would be much easier to have a more reasonable amount of money to claim.

Repairs Related to the Roof

In some cases, an insurance claim might be turned down because other parts of your home may be damaged and prevent roof repairs from being effective. For example, you need to call a reputable gutter company to have your gutters fixed before focusing on the roof damage. Prioritize those possible issues before filing a claim for the roof.

Let us help you get your insurance claim approved. Moss Roofing is the leading roofing contractor in Indianapolis, IN. You can call us at (317) 207-4778 or fill out this online contact form to request a free quote.

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