How To Know If Your Roof Repair Is Covered By Insurance

How To Know If Your Roof Repair Is Covered By Insurance

If your roof is damaged, one of the first things you’re likely wondering if your insurance will pay for roof repair and what to do. The answer depends on several things, including the specifics of your homeowner’s insurance policy as well as what caused the damage.

Types Of Damage Covered

Unexpected events such as hail, wind, and fire can damage your roof, and in most cases, this type of damage is covered by insurance. For example, if high winds knocked a tree onto your roof which caused damage, it will most likely be covered. If the tree fell because it was dead or diseased, your insurance may not cover the damage since it could have been avoided if the tree had been removed.


Leaks may be covered by your insurance if they’re caused by a sudden event, like a storm, causing damage to your roof. However, if you failed to have your roof regularly maintained or if the damage occurs because of your roof’s normal wear and tear and aging, the damages likely won’t be covered.

Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

To find out whether your roof repair is covered by insurance, discuss the specifics of your policy with your insurance agent. Your policy states your deductible as well as any dollar amount limit on your coverage. In addition, it may exclude certain types of damage or not pay for damage to roofs past a certain age.

Regular Inspections And Maintenance

Regular maintenance and roof inspections can help ensure your roof is in good condition and repairs are covered by your insurance, as long as they’re within the limits of your policy. They’ll also help detect any damage when it’s in its earliest stages and is less expensive to fix. In cases such as a leak, your roof damage has a better chance of being found and repaired before it causes additional damage to the inside of your home.

The Help You Need

If you’re in need of roof repairs or regular maintenance, Moss Roofing in Indianapolis, IN has your back! We have the experience and expertise to help walk you through the insurance claim process. If your home is damaged from a storm, contact us for a free home and property damage assessment today!

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