How to Deal With Storm Damage

A storm can cause serious damage to your roof, even long-term structural issues, if you fail to react properly in the aftermath. That’s why our experts can give you an idea of what do for emergency storm damage repair before we arrive to keep the problem from worsening.

Inspect Your Roof

Make a visual inspection from the ground or indoors as soon as it is safe. When you learn the extent of the damage, you can rudimentary patch up; for example, you can puncture a hole in an obviously sagging part of the ceiling due to water. Note that you should never attempt to climb your roof on your own; you’re better off waiting for a contractor to fix it.

Call the Experts

The best way to recover after a storm is by calling the professionals. They can give you estimates based on the observations you’ve made combined with their own inspection. This is also a good time to see if you can perform insurance roof claims for fair compensation on a matter beyond your control.

Clean the Gutters

One of the most common forms of damage is due to water. Water leads to leaks, which, in turn, leads to deterioration of the roofing structure.

That’s why any gutter company would advise you to clean your gutters regularly. Make sure the gutters are clear of any damage or blockage. If it works as intended, you can minimize the chances of leak formation.

Moss Roofing has spent over 25 years helping homeowners in filing insurance claims. In fact, we have former insurance agents in the team who can assist you with this process. Call us today at (317) 207-4778 to learn more about our services. We serve Indianapolis, IN.

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