Can I Use My Flat Roof As A Balcony For Added Functionality?

Can I Use My Flat Roof As A Balcony For Added Functionality?

Everyone is looking for more space. Even if you cannot afford (or lack the property) to add to your Indianapolis-area home, you may be able to make the most of existing space, like the flat roof over a porch. Can you turn that flat roof into a party deck


If you have seen neighbors partying on their flat roofs, you probably wondered how they did it. Who did they get to help them? A carpenter? A roofer? Did they need permits? 

Enlist your local residential roofer if you are thinking of converting a flat roof into a walkable balcony or deck. A roofer knows roofs, knows how to protect your roofing warranty, and knows local building codes

Flat? Not Flat!

A “flat” roof is not really flat. It slopes as little as a quarter-inch over one foot, so water drains off it; it is better called a low-slope roof. You cannot and should not change its pitch or slope

A roof over a porch or addition is not constructed to be a walkable surface. You need an experienced, trustworthy roofer to evaluate the condition of your low-slope roof, determine what modifications you might need to make it usable, and prepare an estimate for those necessary changes. 

The surface may be, for example, a built-up roof (BUR) or perhaps a single-ply membrane-like TPO or PVC. Neither is designed for heavy, constant foot traffic. One tear in a single-ply membrane and you will have water infiltration. Water leaks in roofs lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot. 

A safe, walkable low-slope surface is also not all you need. A safety railing to prevent friends and family from toppling off the balcony or deck is essential. You need to ensure proper drainage so the surface is never slippery. If you are considering adding deck furniture or even a grill, you need some measure of abrasion resistance (such as ballast) and fireproofing. 

In Order

You must get all the details right and have your paperwork in order. The help of a skilled, local roofer is essential to the project’s success. You may also need a contractor specializing in exterior services for the railing. Permits may be necessary for major remodeling. You want a fun, safe, legal space for parties, stargazing, and cookouts. Your roofer can help make it happen! For reliable advice and impeccable service in the Indianapolis area, please contact us today at Moss Roofing.

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