Why Do You Need To Fix A Roof Leak Before Mold Sets In?

Why Do You Need To Fix A Roof Leak Before Mold Sets In?

Preventative maintenance is a prudent way to keep your roof in good shape for several years to come. Indianapolis weather can make roofs susceptible to leaks, resulting in mold and mildew growth when not addressed promptly. Whenever you notice even the tiniest of leaks, be sure to schedule timely roof repairs to stop mold from forming.

Mold typically grows within trapped areas of your roof where moisture cannot escape. If your roof leaks, natural air may not reach the moisture and dry the area. Over time, mold can develop and ruin furnishings, stain your walls and ceilings, and leave your home smelling musty and stale.

How Long Mold Takes to Form

Mold typically thrives in damp places, and water from a leaky roof can help it to grow. Although it doesn’t show up straight away, you need to fix the leak promptly to stop mold from forming and ruining the rest of your home. Within just 24 to 48 hours of damp exposure, mold will begin to germinate, and the process can continue for up to three days.

By 12 days, the mold will be present on your damp floors, walls, and surfaces, but it might still not be visible. It’ll actually take up to 18 days to physically see the mold growing in your home. So, even if you’ve solved the problem of a leaking roof, you might have a lot of cleaning up to do several weeks down the line, depending on how long the leak occurred.

If you suspect mold is forming on your walls, wipe over the surface with a diluted bleach solution. Although this won’t always kill 100% of the mold spores, it’s a good start. Once mold becomes visible, it will be hard to clean since it tends to stick tightly to surfaces, calling for professional remediation.

Quick Intervention Can Prevent Mold Growth

Establishing an ongoing relationship with a local roofing contractor can help you address leaks whenever they crop and prevent costly mold damage. An experienced roofer can identify common roofing problems before they result in leaks. Leaks often cause damage to the insulation, ceilings, and other internal components of your home.

More importantly, schedule regular roofing inspections to help bring evidence of damaged or cracked roofing materials to your attention. Overall, eliminating roof leaks denies access to mold and mildew.

Whenever your roof sustains damage and exposes your home’s interior to moisture, you have just about 24 to 48 hours to dry the dump materials before mold starts to form. So, be sure to get professional intervention quickly to stop mold from growing. Timely roof repairs will keep your home safe from leaks and mold manifestation. Moss Roofing is available whenever you need roof repair services in Indianapolis, IN. Don’t risk your home, health, and family by postponing repairs any longer. We take care of roof leaks ASAP to give you peace of mind all year round. Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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