Filing Insurance Claims for Roof Damage: Tips You Need to Know

Filing Insurance Claims for Roof Damage: Tips You Need to Know

Most people take out homeowner’s insurance to protect their roofs and homes from potential damage. They diligently pay their monthly premiums while secretly hoping never to file a claim. Unfortunately, disaster may strike, and your roof sustains extensive damage that necessities a replacement. At that point, you’ll need to file a roof claim with the insurance company. Understandably, filing insurance claims can be stressful, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Fortunately for homeowners in the Indianapolis area, the professional team at Moss Roofing has consistently assisted homeowners file roof replacement claims for the past 25 years. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what you need to know before filing an insurance claim for roof damage.  

Filing a Roof Insurance Claim

It pays to be systematic when filing a roof claim from your insurance company. Proper documentation expedites the process and increases the likelihood of getting your roof fixed or replaced quicker. The following outlines the steps to help you understand how to file a roof claim with your insurance company.

Review Your Policy 

You need a sound understanding of what your roof insurance policy covers to determine if you have a valid claim. Reviewing your policy keeps you from filing ineligible claims and ruining your claim history. Check if your policy provides actual cash value or replacement cost coverage. Is the roof damage you seek to claim covered? Does it exclude wind and hail damage? Remember, valid or not, any claim you file remains on your file for three years. Having too many claims on your file may increase your cost of insurance. 

Assess the Damage 

You must establish the full scope of the damage to your house before filing a claim. Inspect your entire home for damages following a storm before contacting your insurer.  

Get an Estimate

Once you’ve lodged a claim with the insurer, they will advise you on how to proceed. Some companies will send an adjuster to inspect your roof. Others will require you to get an estimate from a roofing contractor. 

If you need to call a roofing contractor, find a reliable local roofing company with an impeccable reputation. A roofing contractor or an adjuster will come out and inspect your roof. They will document the signs and extent of the storm damage and forward their findings to the insurance company. 

Don’t Take Too Long 

Time is of the essence when filing an insurance claim. Waiting too long before getting an inspector can prove costly. Weather, dirt, and dust may make the storm damage less noticeable, making it look like normal wear and tear. 

Log All Correspondence 

Ultimately, the insurance adjuster holds all the cards when approving your claim. While the roofing contractor may recommend roof replacement, an adjuster may deny your claim on other grounds. It could be because of policy exclusion, improper roof installation, or an inadequately ventilated attic.

Keep a log of your correspondence, including photos, emails, the people you spoke to, when you spoke to them, and what they told you until the claim is paid. That keeps your roof claim following from becoming a full-blown nightmare. 

Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Filing Insurance Claims 

Certain pitfalls can muddy the process of filing a roof claim and saddle you with a raw deal. Here are common pitfalls to avoid when filing a roof claim: 

Being passive

Don’t leave the insurance company to sort out the mess when making a claim. Take a proactive role in the process by extensively documenting the damage. Take clear pictures and video footage of the roof damage to ensure you get full compensation. 

Trying to fix the damage

Whatever you do, don’t try fixing the roof before calling your insurer. Altering the roof after the storm damage may make the insurance company deny your claim. Your insurer may assert that you exacerbated the roof, and you can’t prove them wrong. 

Sitting on the damage

Don’t wait too long before filing your insurance claim. If you don’t file your claim within the stipulated timelines, the insurance company may legally deny your claim. In that case, you’d have no recourse but to pay for repairs out of pocket. 

Getting multiple estimates

Pick a reliable roofer from your area and have them issue you with an estimate. Your insurer will likely pick the lowest estimate if you provide multiple estimates. 

Tips for a Flawless Roof Insurance Claims Process

Your insurer may not prioritize your needs when it’s time to pay your roof damage claim. If anything, they may use everything to stall or deny your claim. You must eliminate any obstacles that may complicate or derail the claim process. 

Keep your roof in great shape

Insurance policies don’t provide coverage against damage from poor maintenance. If the roof was in poor condition before the storm, the insurance company might fail to honor your claim. 

Protect your roof from further damage

Some homeowners’ policies will require you to take measures to prevent further damage following a storm. That could be as simple as throwing a tarp on the roof before calling the insurance. The insurer may decline to cover additional damage to the roof. 

Pick the right coverage

While both Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policies entitle you to a payout, the value between them is remarkable. An ACV policy pays the depreciated value of your roof, while the RCV coverage gets you a new roof, regardless of the cost. 

Pick a reliable roofing contractor

You’re better off working with a contractor with a proven history of working with insurance companies. They’re familiar with the roof claim process, and you can be guaranteed they’ll do a stellar job on your roof. 

Don’t Take Chances with Your Roof 

Working with a professional roofing company keeps your roof in excellent shape. It minimizes roof damage during storms and increases your chances of getting compensated by your insurer if your roof is damaged.

At Moss Roofing, we have helped homeowners in the Indianapolis area protect their homes from the elements for more than 25 years. We provide superior roofing, guttering, and siding solutions to homeowners in Indianapolis and neighboring counties. Our certified professional roofer will walk you through the insurance claim process to help you lodge a successful claim. 

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