Essential Things to Know About Rain Diverters

Gutters play an important role as they drain water away from your home, keeping your walls dry and reducing splashback onto the siding. However, there are instances when gutters can’t be installed due to the design of a home. This can be a functional or aesthetic issue, but either way, you’ll need something else that will serve the purpose of gutters.

Moss Roofing, a reputable company specializing in roof and siding replacement services, discusses rain diverters, your alternative to gutters.

What Are Rain Diverters?

Rain diverters are strips of metal slipped beneath the roofing to redirect water sideways. Fabricated in either a J or an L profile, they are typically installed on roofs above entryways enabling them to guide water away from this area where people come and go.

While rain diverters are often considered a good alternative to gutters, they do have some disadvantages too. In colder climates specifically, diverters provide a foothold for ice dams. They can also be unattractive especially since they tend to break up the consistency of a roof’s appearance. But if these don’t necessarily concern you, rain diverters would be a good solution to consider. They’ll be able to offer some protection to your walls and siding avoiding the need for siding repair in the future.

Tips on Installing Rain Diverters

During the installation of a rain diverter, you will have to loosen up some shingles. You can do so by using a pry bar to lift them gently and slightly. Some shingles may be stubborn so be careful not to rip or tear them. This may require some precision, so it’s best to hire a professional for the job.

The diverter will also have to be nailed into place. The nails should be positioned at the back of the diverter so that the shingles will conceal the nail holes. To prevent leakage, experts recommend covering the nails with liquid cement.

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