Energy and Safety: Why You Can’t Ignore a Leaky Roof

Roof leaks, no matter how negligible, shouldn’t be taken lightly. They could easily destroy the contents of your attic, cause paint to peel and weaken the ceiling. Even when the storm subsides, severe water infiltration increases the chances of mold and mildew proliferation.

Moreover, roof leakage can cause more headaches than you think. A credentialed roofer like Moss Roofing discusses the surprising consequences of leaks:

Inefficient Insulation

When water touches the insulation, the material clumps and loses everything that makes it important and effective. Although it eventually dries out, the time it needs to regain its original form depends on the material. It could take a while before it recovers.

Until then, your soaked insulation is practically non-existent. The heat you generate from downstairs rises and escapes with little resistance. Your residential roofing experts also explain that you might notice higher energy usage in your monthly expenses. Even worse, chronic water intrusion could deplete your attic insulation considerably.

Foundation Damage

A roof leak could work its way down to your home’s foundation. It can travel through the walls and penetrate tiny gaps. If you have a bad gutter, water could pool dangerously close to your home. As a result, your foundation becomes vulnerable to moisture inside and outside your home.

Electrical Fire

Any roofing company will warn that water could become a fire hazard. When met with live electrical wiring, it could spark and cause surrounding combustible material to burst into flames. To make things worse, an electrical fire can be tricky to put out.

Even if no fire gets started, the water soaking open wires can become electrically charged. Coming in contact with it can shock any unsuspecting victim.

Neglecting a leaky roof should always be avoided. It’s important to repair or replace your roof if it’s causing such problems. Call Moss Roofing today at (317) 207-4778 and get a free quote. We work with homeowners in Noblesville and Indianapolis, IN.

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