How To Ensure Your Roof Won't Blow Off During A Storm

How To Ensure Your Roof Won’t Blow Off During A Storm

The Indianapolis area is no stranger to strong winds and heavy thunderstorms. After these bouts of harsh weather, have you ever noticed severe damage on some homes, while others seem fine? Why are the roofs of some houses blown off during wind storms? And what can you, the wise homeowner, do to ensure your roof will not blow off?

Under Pressure

The air we breathe is constantly moving, and air moves as a fluid. Sometimes air moves slowly, and the air pressure is high. Sometimes air moves quickly, with lower air pressure. 

During strong storms, the air pressure outside your home can be significantly lower than the air pressure inside your home and attic. 

The result? Your Indianapolis-area home’s roof may pop off like the pull-tab on a soda can. Sometimes the damage is more complicated:

  • Wind can strike your home from the side, then travel up and push against the roof and roofing shingles, causing uplift
  • The highest pressures are at the roof’s corners and edges, which can cause complete tear-off of roofing materials (whether metal panels, shingles, or tiles)


Having a roof torn off can mean two different things:

  1. The roofing materials are torn away from the sheathing and rafters by strong, fast-moving winds over the roof’s surface
  2. The entire roof, including the sheathing and rafters, is pulled away by huge differences in air pressure

Both these problems can be addressed by your highly skilled, local residential roofer. The process begins with a complete inspection:

  • Your roofer walks your roof (you should never do that!)
  • Your roofing contractor checks out your home’s attic
  • Your residential roofer prepares an evaluation and recommendations

What can your roofer do? Wind-resistant roofing materials are available in all roofing types (metal, shingles, tile). Existing roofs can be strengthened from the outside. 

Inside your attic, your roofer can install hurricane clips, which are strong, hefty metal pieces that literally tie your rafters and sheathing to your home’s walls. This counters the air pressure forces which can snatch away the whole roof. 

In nearly every case, your talented, experienced roofer can retrofit your home to provide additional protections. Then, with the next strong wind storm, you can rest easy, knowing your roof will remain firmly attached to your Indianapolis-area home. Moss Roofing is your Indianapolis-area, trusted contractor for all your roofing, siding, and gutter system needs. Contact us today to tap the power of our family-owned, locally rooted company.

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