Different Kinds of Roof Pitches

One of the most important aspects of a roof is its angle. This is called a pitch. The pitch works with the shingles to help water run into the gutters easily. It also determines how well you can maneuver on the roof, which can make maintenance easier or harder, depending on the roof’s design.

Learn about the important kinds of pitches from Moss Roofing, your local roofing contractor.

Low Pitch Roofs

When you have a low-pitched roof, it is set to gently slope. Set from zero to three degrees at most, these roofs are known for being easily maneuverable, which can make installation and maintenance easier to do. It is also cheaper to install. However, it requires more maintenance due to the difficulty in runoff water and snow.

An example of this is the flat roof. Often used in contemporary designed homes, inspections by your local roofing company become easier on a flat roof. it is also an ideal place to build overhead gardens and install solar panels.

Medium Pitch Roofs

A favorite among residential roofs, medium pitches extend from four degrees to eight at most. It can be used in various styles and is one of the most versatile choices for any roofing. It is also easier to run water and snow off these roofs and they are also moderately maneuverable, making it easy to conduct inspections and repairs.

One example of this is the gable roof. Known for having two slopes and a triangular extension, it is commonly used by residents with colonial or Dutch style homes.

High Pitch Roofs

Set at high degrees, from nine to a full 12, a high pitch roof is difficult to maneuver. Installation and maintenance will take longer to accomplish. However, it is also the most adept at running off water and snow.

One example is the shed roof. While it only has one slope, this is often pitched high. It is also installed with additions to a building, usually at the side. The higher pitch can help add attic space.

Combination Roofs

Lastly, there are combination roofs that use different pitched slopes to create a unique image. It can be used for several complex roof designs to answer different needs.

For example, commercial roof installation can give you a combined medium and high-pitched roof. The high pitch section can help run water off to the gutters. Meanwhile, the medium slopes can be the access point for contractors to use.

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