Choosing the Siding that Goes Well With Your Roof

A great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home is to make sure all exterior components match each other visually. However, picking the right siding replacement material can be more complicated than most homeowners might think. A siding and roof combo that looks good at first glance might not look as great later on, so how exactly do you go about finding the right siding material to match your roof?

Start With the Right Color

The first thing that anyone will notice looking at your home is its colors. Everybody appreciates a well-coordinated color scheme, so you can narrow down your siding material choices to which ones are available in colors that properly match that of your home’s roof.

Check the Roof’s Texture

Texture may not be as obvious as color, but it still has a profound effect on your home’s curb appeal. Treat your next roof repair project as an opportunity to get a closer look at your roofing material’s texture. You’ll want a more natural wood finish for classic home designs or something smooth and sleek for contemporary themes. Further, narrow down your list based on which materials have the necessary textures that match that of your roof.

Check the Climate

Matching your new siding to the roof isn’t just about cosmetics but also a matter of practicality. You won’t want a siding material that’s not ideal for your area’s climate, then you’ll have to keep having your siding maintained more frequently. Siding and roofing that have a similar level of maintenance requirements make it easier to clean, inspect, or repair both components on a regular basis because you can both work on them at the same date and same intervals.

Consult a Pro

Once you’ve settled on an option, you should try to get feedback from someone with more experience in home design. You can consult our professional designers for further suggestions to get the best results. We have helped countless homeowners get siding options that perfectly match their roofs. We also recommend the best options we have so it’s easy to find a replacement for a damaged panel in case you need to call for siding repair.

Unify the look of your home with the right siding material. Moss Roofing offers siding and other home exterior solutions in Fishers and Indianapolis, Indiana. Call us at (317) 207-4778 or fill out this contact form to request a free quote.


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