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Choosing the Right Roofing Shingle Colors: Is Light or Dark Better?

It’s time to pick new shingles for your roof, but where should you start? You might have all kinds of questions about how to choose the right roofing shingle colors. Does color matter when it comes to shingles? Will dark shingles make your home too hot in summer? Are lighter ones better for energy efficiency?

Knowing which factors to consider can help you choose roof shingles that enhance your home. The following tips can help you better understand color’s role when picking new roofing shingles.

Does Color Matter When It Comes to Shingles?

Yes, the color you choose can impact how your home looks and how comfortable your home interior feels. You might even save money on your energy bills with the right color choice. Consider these factors when comparing dark and light shingles to see which is better for your Indianapolis home.

Energy Efficiency

Looking for ways to cut down on your heating bill in winter? A darker roof can help you provide you with more energy efficiency. Running your furnace can cost you a bundle, especially when temperatures are below freezing. Dark-colored shingles absorb more of the sun’s heat, even in winter, which helps warm your home. That means your furnace won’t run as much, so you’ll save on your heating bills.

If you’re more interested in saving money during summer heat waves, that’s when you’ll want lighter-colored shingles for energy efficiency. These shingles reflect the sun’s heat, which can help keep your home cooler. You’ll have lower energy bills when running your air conditioning.

The best way to decide which color of shingle is best for your situation is to think about what you want from your home’s exterior appearance as well as its energy efficiency.

Interior Comfort

Are light or dark shingles better for home comfort? That depends on how your home normally feels. Lighter shingles can help keep it cooler if it gets stuffy in summer. If it tends to feel colder in winter, darker shingles can add warmth even with the heat on.

Are you stuck with an uncomfortable interior in winter if you prefer lighter shingles or a stuffy home in summer if you want darker shingles? In this case, insulation is key. Whether you get dark or light shingles, adding insulation can help your home feel cooler in summer or warmer in winter.


Since Indianapolis gets its share of snow, the color of the roof shingles you choose can affect how quickly the snow melts. Darker shingles absorb more heat, which can lead to faster snowmelt. This helps prevent snow from building up on your roof.

Exterior House Color

Choosing between light or dark roofing shingles also depends on the rest of your home. Consider the color of your siding or exterior walls. Do you want your exterior walls or roof to stand out more, or are you going for a more blended look? Depending on your chosen color, your roof can either stand out or serve as a background for the rest of your exterior.

Should you go with dark or light roof shingles? Part of this depends on your design preferences, but you should avoid choosing a shingle color that clashes with your exterior walls. You should also avoid choosing a shingle color similar to your exterior walls since this can make your home look washed out.

Do you have a white or light-colored house? Black and other dark-colored shingles are good colors for creating more contrast. Lighter-colored shingles can create an elegant, timeless look while making your house more prominent. What if you have a darker-colored exterior or a bold-colored exterior? Some lighter-colored shingles might clash, depending on your home’s exterior color. In this case, darker roof shingles might be a better choice.

Find Expert Roofers in Indianapolis

The best way to determine if you should get dark or light shingles is to ask an experienced local roofer. At Moss Roofing, our team can help you pick the right shingle color. We’ll consider all factors, along with your design preferences.

Remember that a new roof lets you update your home’s appearance while improving indoor comfort. Whether you want a roof color similar to your current one or want to try a new look, you can count on us to help you select the best roofing shingles.

If you plan to replace your roof, please contact Moss Roofing today. Our roofing experts can help you choose the ideal shingle color to boost curb appeal, reduce energy bills, and make your interior more comfortable.

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