4 Ways to Cool a Hot Attic This Summer

Unless you’re using the attic as a bedroom, it’s likely that you have neglected this space at some point. Don’t feel too bad, though. Since it’s often out of your sight, it’s easy to overlook and forget about its upkeep.

However, try to be more proactive with your attic space. In the summer, the temperature in your attic can go up to 150°. This amount of heat can affect the comfort and energy efficiency of your entire home so make sure it doesn’t get too hot in your attic.

Moss Roofing, a trusted company offering roofing services and storm damage repair, shares a few tips on how you can keep the temperature in your attic low.

Cooling a Hot Attic

When your attic becomes too hot, your cooling system is forced to work harder than it should be. Moreover, sometimes the heat in your attic transfers into your living spaces, which also causes your air conditioner to work harder. Both of these scenarios have an impact on your home’s energy efficiency and ultimately they result in higher energy bills.

Good thing, there are ways to keep a cooler temperature in your attic during the summer. Follow these tips by roof and gutter company Moss Roofing and watch your attic become more energy-efficient in no time.

  1. Plan your ventilation system and make sure to consult with a professional. Typically, a one square foot-sized venting area is recommended for every 300 square foot of floor space.

  2. Use electric ventilators and attic fans to push the heat out of your attic. You can install thermostats so that the fan will automatically turn on at a preset temperature.

  3. R-19 insulation is usually recommended for attic spaces as it prevents the transfer of heat into living spaces.

  4. When designing your roofing system, make sure there are passive vents such as gable, soffit and ridge vents that will allow heat to escape from your attic.

Caring for Your Attic

Visit your attic from time to time. Check the area for signs of damage or pests and call in a professional if necessary. You can also hire an expert to conduct these inspections. This way, you can be sure you won’t miss a spot.

It will also help to clean your attic regularly even if you’re not using it as a functional space. Make sure it has proper ventilation so that it doesn’t heat up, especially in the summer.

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