Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Moss Roofing offers insulation services as part of your complete roofing system. A homeowner might not think of adding, replacing, or upgrading their home’s insulation. But proper insulation is important not only to the comfort level of your home but to the health of your roof.


Insulation keeps your home heated and cooled throughout the year, but did you know it also helps protect your roof? The right amount of insulation will help control the amount of moisture in your attic. Too much moisture can cause severe molding issues and premature deterioration of your roof. Mold and roof deterioration will result in a full roof replacement being needed earlier than it would be otherwise. By ensuring that your attic insulation is at the recommended level, you can help increase the longevity of your roofing system.


Energy costs continue to rise year after year, and homeowners are constantly searching for ways to lower their power bills. The first thing you may think of is purchasing energy-efficient appliances. However, one of the biggest ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency lies in your roof.

Often overlooked by homeowners, attic insulation plays a key role in heating and cooling your home. If your home is hard to cool in the summer or keep warm in the winter, you are losing energy through your roof. This leads to structural damage to your roof at the same time. The simple fix of adding the proper insulation to your home will keep you more comfortable year-round and keep your energy costs to a minimum.

The team at Moss Roofing can help you determine the proper amount of insulation needed as well as provide you with the best quality insulation on the market. The state of Indiana recommends 13-14 inches of blown-in, R-38 fiberglass attic insulation. Our insulation team will come to your home and assess your current situation. They will make recommendations to help make your home more energy-efficient while maintaining the proper balance needed for a healthy roofing system. 

Contact Moss Roofing today to see if your home meets the proper requirements for insulation. It’s the perfect time to make the big step toward an energy-efficient home!

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