Storm Damage Repair

It’s a fact of life in Indiana: spring brings storms! And these storms can mean wind and hail damage to your roof, siding and gutters. Recovering from storm damage can be overwhelming. Let us help!

As fellow Hoosiers, we have the experience in storm damage restoration. We know how to assist you in restoring your home back to normal with the least amount of stress.

In our commitment to help you to restore your home we:

  • Take immediate measures to mitigate the storm damage to your home (i.e. Roof tarp)
  • Provide a free damage assessment of your home to determine scope of damage
  • Provide pictures or video showing you the damage to your roof/home
  • Remove the headache and hassle of dealing with the insurance company (more about insurance claim help)

We never ask for any money up front!

Don’t be fooled by the storm chasers that come with every storm.

Check out your contractor and ask for the following:

  • References
  • Web Presence and reviews
  • License
  • Bonded
  • Insured — Certificate of insurance including workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Make sure your contractor has workman’s compensation to ensure you are protected against worksite accidents.


IMPORTANT: Insurance companies expect homeowners to take steps to prevent additional damage to their home and property after a storm.

boarded windows

What You Get With Moss

  • local contractors
  • no obligation damage evaluation
  • complete tear-off of materials to inspect wood deck
  • step-by-step help with insurance claims
  • no money down
    (insurance related projects)
  • top quality workmanship
  • clear communication
  • know when materials are to arrive and when crews are working
  • all trash and debris are picked up daily.
  • magnetic roller used to pickup loose nails
  • dump trailers not roll-off dumpsters that can damage driveways

Insurance Claim Process

Step 1: Schedule Free Inspection

Contact us for a free damage evaluation by one of our experienced project managers. The manager will answer your questions and assist you in starting the insurance claims process.

Step 2: Submit Claim to Insurance Company

You need to call your insurance agent to report your damage. Have your policy number ready as well as the date the damage occurred (i.e. date of storm). Your insurance carrier will assign a claim number along with the name and phone number of the adjuster assigned to your claim. This claim number will be vital for all future contact with your insurance company during your restoration project.

Step 3: Meet with Insurance Adjuster

The adjuster will contact you to schedule an appointment to assess your damage. Call our office immediately and give us the date and time the adjuster will be there and one of our project managers will meet with the adjuster. Our project manager will be representing you and your interests to help determine the scope of the repairs to your home.

Step 4: Review Claim/Loss Summary Report

The insurance company will send you a “loss summary report” which gives an itemized estimate of the repairs the adjuster noted while at your home. In addition, you will receive your first check to initiate the start of your repairs. Your first check is due to Moss upon completion of the first trade (i.e. usually roof).  If your mortgage company is added as a payee on the check, it will need to be sent to the mortgage company for endorsement at this time. Moss can also help with this process.

At this time, our project manager will meet with you to go over the loss summary report to ensure all of the damage is included in the report. If any damage is found to be excluded, your Moss project manager will contact your insurance company on your behalf.



Step 5: Authorize Work

Once all items have been agreed upon between the insurance company and contractor, you will then need to authorize the repairs to your home by signing a contract with Moss Roofing. This is typically the time when you will select brands and color with your project manager to be noted on your contract.

Step 6: Work Completed

Moss Roofing will submit to your insurance company for the depreciated amount (if applicable) withheld from the first check. Moss will continue to follow-up with your insurance company ensuring the payment is issued to you. Once the payment has been issued, Moss will contact you letting you know the check is coming. Final payment is due to Moss upon receipt of insurance check. If your mortgage company is added as a payee on the check, it will need to be sent to the mortgage company for endorsement at this time. Moss can also help with this process.

Note: Not all insurance policies will be replacement cost value (RCV). In some cases you may have an actual cash value (ACV) policy. Please check with your insurance agent to determine what type of policy you have. This will determine the amount of money you will receive for your storm damage loss.

When quality and service counts – talk to Moss!

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