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Roof Inspection

More often than not it can be hard to determine when you need a roof replacement. Sometimes it only becomes apparent after a big storm or when you notice a leak. Curling, cracking or missing shingles are a big indicator that a roof needs replaced.

We know what to look for. Let our team of experienced Project Managers inspect your roof. We have the tools to visibly show you the damage (or lack thereof) to give you the information needed to make an informed decision.

Roofing Materials

Make sure you choose the best available shingles on the market. Major manufacturers such as Owens Corning and GAF have been in the marketplace for many years, and are great choices for your home. Make sure you know what shingle brand your contractor is using. Get it in writing. Do not settle for a 2nd tier shingle.

One of the little things by going with Moss Roofing is ice and water shield at all gutter lines as an extra layer of defense against ice damming problems in the winter. We also use upgraded synthetic felt- not your typical 15# felt.  These items are at no cost to you by just doing business with Moss!

Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is one of the most critical components of your home’s roof. Choosing the right system is a very important part of your roof replacement. Without the proper ventilation you decrease the longevity of  the life of your shingle and cause additional moisture issues within your home. Also the shingle manufacturer’s warranty may be voided.

Our Project Managers will recommend the right ventilation for your project. Learn more about roof ventilation here.


You will know what’s going on at all times. No surprises!

You will be informed when materials are to arrive and when crews will be working. We’ll also let you know if inclement weather postpones scheduled work.

During every phase of work (paperwork or installation of materials), the office or your Project Manager will keep you up to date on the progress.

Clean Up

All trash and debris are picked up daily! Tarps are placed for landscape protection.

Rather than dropping a heavy dumpster on your property that may damage your driveway, Moss uses only dump trailers for debris removal. We recycle all building materials whenever possible.

We run an industrial ground magnet around the work area to insure we remove as many nails as possible.

Insurance Claims

Storm damage in Indianapolis (and the surrounding counties) is one of the most common reasons people contact us. You benefit from our team’s experience as previous insurance adjusters, as they can assist you through the insurance process. They know how the system works. Most importantly we’ll be working for you, NOT the insurance company. Learn more about the insurance claims process. 

More Than Just Shingles

When you bought your home, you may not have anticipated that you would have to repair or completely replace the roof. Then a springtime Midwest storm roars in and you’re faced with hail and wind damage that requires immediate repair. Or in the case of older homes, perhaps the roof has simply deteriorated and needs to be replaced altogether.

A roof is actually a series of installations that work together to keep your home free from the outside elements.

Roof Replacement

Learn more here:

  1. Shingles: first layer of defense against the weather
  2. Decking: nailable surface for the shingles
  3. Underlayment: moisture barrier
  4. Ice and Water shield: an extra layer of protection in high water flow/ice damming areas.
  5. Ventilation: roof and soffit ventilation is important to maintain proper air flow within your attic
  6. Flashing: chimney and wall flashings are the most common areas of leaks.
  7. Insulation: (not pictured) helps maintain comfortable temperature inside home.

Roof Diagram

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