George Lewis

George Lewis

Hi. My name is George Lewis, a project manager for Moss Roofing. My wife and I have been Hoosiers now for 34 years and have raised 2 children. I am a Navy veteran, involved in my local church, and have worked in the home improvement industry for 16 years.

My experience involves not only sales, but application of roofing, siding, doors & windows in the past before I became a Project Manager for Moss, so I have a “working” knowledge of how your home improvement should be done.

I also have 2 years past experience as an independent, licensed insurance CAT Adjuster for a firm in Indianapolis. Should you have storm damage that involves the insurance company, I am familiar with how the insurance claims service operates having been an adjuster myself. While I enjoyed being an adjuster, I made the decision to give it up due to the excessive time the job required me to be away from my family while deployed.

What sets me apart from others in this business is not necessarily my “know-how” or even my years of experience, but something that is sadly missing in America today, old fashioned honesty, integrity, quality and service, I learned from my Dad. (An honest contractor! Can these two words be used in the same sentence?)

My line of work through the years has taken me to a lot of homes and I have seen work done incorrectly by sub-contractors/installers, some blatantly violating building codes to cut corners and speed up the job… Not on my watch!

When we say family owned and operated, we mean it.